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Food Crops News: Update new results for Food Crops – No 13

Rice Crop Gains in Africa, Asia but Prices High
Voice of America
May 04, 2012 Rice Crop Gains in Africa, Asia but Prices High Ron Corben |
Bangkok The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization says the world
rice harvest for 2012 should top the 2011 crop, mainly because of gains in
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More on Genetically Modified Crops
Council on Foreign Relations (blog)
My own thoughts on GM crops are influenced by the reality that by 2050, the
world will likely have another two billion mouths to feed and face an
estimated 70 percent increase in global food demand. We need another Green
Revolution to increase …
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GM food saboteurs only destroy vital new knowledge | Howard Atkinson
The Guardian
The debate in the UK about the benefits and concerns surrounding future use
by farmers of GM crops in the UK and globally, needs to progress. The
concerns raised by protesters about environmental and food safety issues
would truly only apply once …
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Commentary: Biotech as bellwether
Phillips also noted that the 27 EU member states “produce more food than
any other country in the world and are the world’s largest trader in
agri-food crops. They cannot be ignored.” In a presentation last month at
EU headquarters in Brussels, …
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A Penny a Pound: Campaign for Fair Food
Huffington Post
The story of Food Chain centers around three crops — strawberries,
tomatoes and grapes. Rawal explains why: We use those three crops basically
to paint a canvas of all the issues that we want to cover. We can cover
most of the exploitation, …
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Michigan growers say disaster unfolding as erratic spring weather zaps …
Washington Post
It comes as the cherry industry has boosted demand by marketing the fruit
as a health food rich in antioxidants. “It’s disappointing when we can’t
produce a crop to meet that new, exciting consumer demand,” said Ben
LaCross, a second-generation grower …
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Villagers Grow Their Way Out of Food Aid
Despite frequent droughts in the semi-arid Yatta region, the 60-year-old
mother of six has healthy maize crops on her farm, as well as vegetables
such as chilli peppers and cucumbers, some destined for the export market.
“Since my childhood, this area …
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